About Us

We look at life and think that it’s fun, it’s fast and it changes so much all the time that it can get a tad bewildering. That’s the bit that really interests us!

We love taking the complicated aspects of life and breaking them down into bite sized chunks to make it easier for our readers, no matter what subject we’re tackling.

Forex has been around as a market for nearly four decades, but it has been the availability of the internet over the past ten years that has rocketed it to its position as the largest financial market in the world with a staggering four trillion dollars of trades being completed daily.

Our site is intended to be simple, straightforward and help you by giving a few pointers about how to get into this market, and some of the tools you’ll need to progress. If you have the aptitude for trade and relish the tension and of course the potential rewards then forex is an amazing world. You’ll find traders wherever there’s a good connection and you’ll be amazed at first at what fine margins create significant profits when you’re trading big numbers.

Of course all markets carry the risk of failure too and we want you to ensure you have the best preparation for the risky world you’re considering taking part in. There are many tools out there to help you. Lots of them are free, and of course it is in your broker’s interest to help you to great success and they will be willing to help you get there. Mine their experience, and if you’re not satisfied, move on. Be aware of what restrictions you may sign up to and always, always be alert to what you’re doing.

We think it can be a lot of fun and we wish you every success.